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When couples struggle in their relationship, we hope and diligently strive for reconciliation.  However, sometimes marriages become too broken to restore on this side of eternity.

Divorce is one of the most traumatic experiences a family can go through.  If you find yourself staring the reality of divorce in the face, have hope.  There are healthier alternatives to the traditional, adversarial divorce process.

Collaborative Law (sometimes referred to as Collaborative Divorce) is a process that preserves the integrity of the family moving though the trauma of divorce.  It allows the spouses more control over the outcomes of the divorce and can help them to continue caring for their children as they transition from one family to two.

It is our hope to offer Collaborative Law as a preferred alternative to traditional, adversarial divorce.  We believe that it allows for reconciliation throughout the divorce process; allowing both spouses to walk with integrity, dignity, and respect while honoring their vows as they pursue the end of their marital relationship.

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You can also get more information about Collaborative Law from the Collaborative Family Law Group of Central Florida.

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